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Don’t have a website? Send out a simple link to your audience so they can connect at their leisure.

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Website & no-code builders

Mash supports a wide variety of platforms including the following. You can get started in just a few minutes.

Wordpress Plugin

Add Boosts, monetization blocks and more with the Mash Plugin for Wordpress.

Wix App

Add Boosts, and more shortly by connecting Mash with the Mash Wix App.

Javascript builders

Social networks

You can share links to your Mash Page, and add other monetization experiences in your profiles, link-in-bios and in-line in streams. These include a Lightning Address and QR code that can be used to get donations from most bitcoin wallets including Cash App.

View guides
View guides

Web frameworks

Mash works in all platforms that support Javascript. You can get started with our NPM package, SDK document, check-out live code examples, open-source templates and demos.


More resources

NPM Package

Get started building fast with our NPM package.

UI Components

Customizeable pre-built components with features to start earning.

Replit Code Examples

Explore demos, templates on Replit to get started.

Open Source

Access a variety of open-sourced tools & experiences provided & curated by Mash.

All Mash Guides

Explore our guides for various products and out of the box use-cases.

Why is the value of my earnings in USD changing, while the sats are staying the same? I priced my items in USD.

All payments through the Mash system occur in Bitcoin (sats is a unit of measurement for Bitcoin). To keep things simple for your users we keep pricing in USD. Because the exchange rate between Bitcoin & USD changes, the amount of Sats that are being sent to you changes with each transaction. Also, because your balance is in Bitcoin, the USD value will fluctuate as well. You can always send your Bitcoin to another wallet, or to an exchange and convert it to a currency of your choice.

When can I send my earnings from Mash to another wallet or exchange?

Immediately, upon receipt you can send your funds to another lightning wallet, or powered exchange. There are no delays.

Streaming bitcoin over lightning funds is super cool! How does it work?!

We're pumped that you are curious about the most amazing money technology creation... in more than generations. We call it freedom money for a reason! There's lots to explore, that we will be producing over time – in the meantime, you can contact us and/or sign-up to our newsletter for the latest updates.

What is a lightning address – such as

We think lightning addresses are really cool. They enable any wallet that supports the open-source specification to send you money directly, and immediately (or receive money from you). They can even include a message so that you can reference what it is for. This takes advantage of the decentralized lightning network, and any organization can technically join the network. You can learn more about it, including other software that supports it at

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