Try before you buy with Freebies

Give freebies of premium experiences to learn what they love before contributing.

Full flexibility

Build our your own donation and payment experiences with our pricing primitives.

Templates and app examples

SDK and NPM packages available to get started with code examples.

Set the price and value of your experience

Charge for that one thing and use micro-payments so there are no big commitments.

See it in action!

Pay-as-you-enjoy pricing

You have full customizability to charge for any action, event or behavior from a user on your web-app. It’s as easy as clicking a button for users.

  • Image converters
  • Screenshot takers
  • Image downloads
  • Favicon makers
  • PDF converters
  • Arcade games
  • Mods/boosts & special enhancements

Donate as you go

Ask users to donate per use, per action, or per event. Users can decide to donate a certain amount per-use, automatically. Donation amounts can be customized or pre-set.

Set up auto-pay and other simple pricing models

Users have the ability to set a budget, enable auto-pay, and use freebies on all the experiences that they love.

NPM Package

Get started building fast with our NPM package

UI Components

Customizeable pre-built components with features to start earning.

Replit Code Examples

Explore demos, templates on Replit to get started.

Open Source

Access a variety of open-sourced tools & experiences provided & curated by Mash.

Start earning today!

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