One-click & instant participation

No inserting credit cards every time. Receive donations at the speed of a single click.

Micro-donations to get conversions

No minimum amounts or credit card fees. Someone can say thanks with as little as one cent.

Learn what your users love

Figure out what your users are interacting with the most, and which pages they donate on.

Usage-based donations

Let your users donate per use of your product or page views. Set Mash up to maximize the experience.

Boost Donations

Users donate per click, on a special boost button that you can have floating on your page, or embedded inline. Fun emojis, easter eggs (soon), and more that excite them.

Get donations anywhere with Bitcoin native options

Use your lightning address to get P2P payments from users on social, add an LN-URL QR code so users can scan and contribute on your site or streams.


Ask users to contribute per page view, or game-play. Let them support you as they engage. Match usage, enjoyment with support. They can even initiate on their own.

Content Widgets

Ask for donations when users consume/access your content from downloads, premium videos and more. Let them choose an amount, or recommend one.

Donation and experience page

Send users to a donation page we create for you, from your social media if you don’t want it right on your site.

Boost button

Add a Boost button on your page and let your users send money per click.

Donation button

Donation buttons can be per page view, per play of a game, pre-set amounts, or a custom amount.

Customized designs

Explore and customize our pre-built monetization widgets and find what works best for you.

Personalized thank you messages

Connect with your supporters and express your gratitude beyond just a confirmation receipt .

Fun animations + easter eggs

Keep your supporters engaged with moments of magic.

Used on your site or on socials

Add donations and boosts to your website, web app, or social accounts with a QR code and Lightning Address.

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