One-click payments

Users pay with a click. They can use Cash App, their Mash balance or start instantly with a credit card.

Short-duration or single-use

Let users purchase one-article, or timed-passes for premium content. No long-term commitment drives more conversions & revenue.

Target bad traffic

Require payment for users that have ad-blockers or low ad-revenue sources.

Community purchases

Enable people to buy access for their communities with timed or visit capped links to grow traffic and revenue.

Gated Access (coming soon)

Users want access, but not the commitment. Let them pay for timed-passes – an hour, a day, or a week at a time to enjoy premium media experiences.

  • No code required
  • Automated pass give aways
  • Buy or give to a friend
  • Optimized conversion funnels

Monetize premium content within a page

Pay to access written, audio, or visual content. Pay by time, access to the content in full, or specific pages.

  • Audio + songs
  • Videos
  • Secret sections of content

Target Ad-blocker users.

Allow users to purchase ad-free experiences when they want. Require users with ad-blockers to purchase access – at any price you want (even $0.05). They enjoy. You earn.

Global themes & design

Customize or choose a theme that matches your brand and personality.

Pre-built components

We make it easy to start with components to get Mash up and running in no time.

Customized designs

Explore and customize our pre-built monetization widgets and find what works best for you.

Video player

Ask users to contribute to watch your premium audio or video content.

Accordion Revealer

Allow users to unlock a body of text on your website with a one-time payment.

Link Access

Charge your users to access a link. The link becomes visible once a payment is made.

Wordpress Plugin

Add Boosts, monetization blocks and more with the Mash Plugin for Wordpress.

Wix App

Add Boosts, and more shortly by connecting Mash with the Mash Wix App.

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