One-click & instant participation

No inserting credit cards every time. Receive donations at the speed of a single click.

Micro-donations to get conversions

No minimum amounts or credit card fees. Someone can say thanks with as little as one cent.

Learn what your users love

Figure out what your users are interacting with the most, and which pages they donate on.

Usage-based donations

Let your users donate per use of your product or page views. Set Mash up to maximize the experience.

See it in action!

Page Revealer

The “fair’ paywall that doesn’t require a pre-commitment. Charge users to access all content on the page without a credit card every-time. No code required

  • No code required
  • Secret pages
  • Ditch subscriptions
  • Written articles + blog posts
  • Customized from Mash
  • Podcasts, songs, lectures

Monetize premium content within a page

Pay to access written, audio, or visual content. Pay by time, access to the content in full, or specific pages.

  • Audio + songs
  • Videos
  • Secret sections of content

Downloadable content

Require payment for resources and content downloads.

  • Digital assets
  • Educational resources
  • PDFs
  • High resolution photos

Ad-blocker enabled? No problem.

Allow users who have ad-blockers enabled to contribute monetarily for each page view. Now users can continue to enjoy an ad-free experience while still supporting your content.

Global themes & design

Customize or choose a theme that matches your brand and personality.

Pre-built components

We make it easy to start with components to get Mash up and running in no time.

Customized designs

Explore and customize our pre-built monetization widgets and find what works best for you.

Video player

Ask users to contribute to watch your premium audio or video content.

Accordion Revealer

Allow users to unlock a body of text on your website with a one-time payment.

Link Access

Charge your users to access a link. The link becomes visible once a payment is made.

UI Components

Customizeable pre-built components with features to start earning.

Wordpress Plugin

Add Boosts, monetization blocks and more with the Mash Plugin for Wordpress.

Wix App

Add Boosts, and more shortly by connecting Mash with the Mash Wix App.

Book Template

Monetize your books, guides and chapter based educational content like Ernest Hemingway.

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