Embedded wallet on Mash-powered sites

Your users don’t need to go through the hassle of logging in or searching for your wallet - it's always available on any website that uses us.

Bitcoiners are supported natively, without needing to login

Mash is designed to provide a seamless experience for Bitcoin users, with a range of tools and resources available to help them maximize their use of the platform. They can use other wallets, like CashApp, Wallet of Satoshi, Zebedee, Blixt and more.

Inclusive for everyone to participate

Your users will love it because they aren’t forced to subscribe when they want that one thing, or donate as they want with micropayments.

Provide free experiences with Freebies

You can provide fee experiences to your users so that they learn what they love before contributing.

Fastest way to contribute and pay

Your users can auto-pay with a budget and one-click pay any amount. No inserting credit cards every time.

Secure and in their control with no lock-ins

Their money is theirs to use how they want across the internet.

Support with amounts that make sense. No big committments.

More users can pay, participate, donate, share what they love and a message with the power of micropayments.

Match engagement with payment and donations

Users can connect with you by including messages with support and sharing what they love with you and the world on message boards.

No lock-ins and interoperable

Users can send money to/from Mash without any issues. Every country uses Bitcoin β€” you can buy things across the web, and it’s the fastest growing tech of all time.

Participate and get rewards

Users can be displayed on leaderboards for supporting you, get badges and more.

No Bitcoin knowledge or funds required

Users can start with a credit card in just a few minutes.

No downloads or installs

Mash is entirely web-based and just works. No downloads required. Works on mobile/desktop.

Money is immediately accessible on your site

Money works across all sites. If users have Mash elsewhere, their money is already available to use on your site and vice-versa.

Any wallet can work

Bitcoiners can use their other wallets to support you.

The future of money

This is the only technology to provide these experiences – and the only money that you fully control.

Interoperable β€” use across all other wallets

No lock-in for users. Globally used.

Millions of users have access

No downloads required. No bitcoin knowledge required. It works on mobile & desktop.

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