Pay-as-you-enjoy pricing

Users can pay-as-they-enjoy, rather than requiring a big upfront purchase decision.

Auto & one-click payments

Your users can auto-pay as-they enjoy without interruption.

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Flexible pricing that fits your business

Charge any amount, have tiers, offer freebies to engage users. Whatever fits best.

Your content and audience

Build an audience that's yours – and not one that another platform controls.

  • Customizable experiences
  • Maintain ownership
  • Connect and engage users
  • User Experience

Match your vibe

Widgets are flexible and customizable

The ways that you can use Mash are limitless. Add the features you fit, at the pricing you want, and customize the design to match your vibe in a few quick steps.

Add your voice

Personalize it by setting up custom text on widgets, thank you messages in your voice, requests for donations, and more.

Widgets and tools to change the look and feel

Everything you add to your site is fully customizable with the SDK, or control the vibe with our UI component builders for seamless theme changes.

Add to your site, your way

Mash has pre-build widgets and experiences or full developer customization available. Either way: you stay in control.

Easy code snippets and no-code options

Add floating experiences to your page with prebuilt widgets/experiences, or full developer customization with SDK/developer tools. All with just a few clicks.

Maintain ownership of your audience

Don’t rely on big 3rd-party platforms that own all the data. Mash works in any setting so you own the entire experience.

Decide where and what gets monetized

You decide how Mash is placed on your site: how its integrated, when you charge, what your campaigns are...the list is endless.

Connect, engage, and build your audience

Learn what users love

From where they boost/donate on your site, to what they share with you in specific message + interactive based widgets. Tailor the experience from what you learn.

Connect with your community

Make it more personalized. When users contribute, they can share their name and even a thoughtful message.

Experience and donation hub for users on your site

Users can pay for access, proactively support you, donate, send messages, control their spend, and access your live experiences right from the Mash Button.

Secure and access money immediately in your wallet

Mash Wallet

Instantly receive and send money anywhere

Send your money to other wallets, friends, or online experiences – even as little as $0.01. The transfer is fast, efficient, and safe.

No minimums to redeem your funds

Your money is yours, always.

Powered by Bitcoin + Lightning Network

The future of money. Interoperable, and globally used around the web. Learn more

Mash Wallet
When can I send my earnings from Mash to another wallet or exchange?

Immediately, upon receipt you can send your funds to another lightning wallet, or powered exchange. There are no delays.

Streaming bitcoin over lightning funds is super cool! How does it work?!

We're pumped that you are curious about the most amazing money technology creation... in more than generations. We call it freedom money for a reason! There's lots to explore, that we will be producing over time – in the meantime, you can contact us and/or sign-up to our newsletter for the latest updates.

Mash is in Beta – what does that mean?

Mash is actively building lots of products & solutions – and improving some of our offerings based on the feedback we receive. Some are listed as coming soon on our website, because we're working with partners to launch them shortly. Because it is early days, we are actively building, please consider this software Beta, which includes having bugs and issues that require improvement.

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