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Build components

Create your own components without any code.

Works with any content

Video, audio, and writing–just to name a few.

You can keep your ads

Mash works with your other revenue streams in mind — keep them if you want to.

Customize and theme it

Mash is meant to integrate with your site. Style it to your brand.

Get donations anywhere with Bitcoin native options

Use your lightning address to get P2P payments from users on social, add an LN-URL QR code so users can scan and contribute on your site or streams.

Pay-as-you-enjoy pricing

You have full customizability to charge for any action, event or behavior from a user. It’s as easy as clicking a button for users.

  • Content downloads
  • BTS footage
  • PDFs & guides
  • Show notes
  • Additional episodes
  • Uncut audio
  • And more

Paid votes and polls

Let users vote on questions for a podcast, what avatar you should use next, event details, or a theme for your next article. Setup and deploy on your site in a few minutes.

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