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Build components

Create your own components without any code.

Works with any content

Video, audio, and writing–just to name a few.

You can keep your ads

Mash works with your other revenue streams in mind — keep them if you want to.

Customize and theme it

Mash is meant to integrate with your site. Style it to your brand.

Page Revealer

The “fair’ paywall that doesn’t require a pre-commitment. Charge users to access all content on the page without a credit card every-time.

Monetize premium content within a page

Pay to access written, audio, or visual content. Pay by time, access to the content in full, or specific pages.

Boost button for instant payments

Users donate per click, on a special boost button that you can have floating on your page, or place elsewhere. Fun emojis, easter eggs (soon), and more that excite them.

Start earning today!

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