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Learn what users love

Figure out what your users are interacting with the most, and which pages they donate on.

Works with any content

Video, audio, and writing–just to name a few.

You can keep your ads

Mash works with your other revenue streams in mind — keep them if you want to.

Pricing tiers & categories

The value of your products and experiences isn’t all the same, so set pricing tiers with ease.

Downloadable content

Require payment for resources and content downloads.

  • Digital assets
  • Educational resources
  • PDFs
  • Hi-res photos

Page revealer

The “fair’ paywall that doesn’t require a pre-commitment. Charge users to access all content on the page without a credit card every-time.

  • No code required
  • Ditch subscriptions
  • Customize it
  • Secret pages
  • Written articles + blog posts
  • Podcasts, songs, & lectures

Paid votes and polls

Let users vote on questions for a podcast, what avatar you should use next, event details, or a theme for your next article. Setup and deploy on your site in a few minutes.

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