Mobile Bitcoin Lightning App

Use Mash everywhere by adding the mobile bitcoin lightning web app to your mobile home screen. Add the Mash Wallet App on iOS and Android devices without any of those pesky app store restrictions – in less than minute.

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Embedded wallet on Mash-powered sites

No need to go through the hassle of logging in or searching for your wallet - it's always available on any website that uses us.

Web wallet to send and receive funds wherever you want

Your balance works seamlessly across any Lightning experience. Send your money to other wallets, friends, or online experiences – even as little as $0.01.

No downloads required

No downloads required. No bitcoin knowledge required. It works on mobile & desktop.

Get started in a minute

Users can start with a credit card or add funds with apps like CashApp, Wallet of Satoshi, Breeze, and more.

Usable across the web

You can use funds on all Mash sites, other lightning sites enabled sites, including many Shopify stores.

Instantly receive and send money anywhere

Send your money to other wallets, friends, or exchanges – even as little as $0.01.

Try experiences before paying

Many sites provide free premium experiences when you have a Mash account, before requiring support.

Ditch the subscriptions

Instead of relying on subscriptions that force you to commit when you just want that one thing, opt for the pay-as-you-enjoy approach and pay small amounts to get premium access without any large commitments. Set a budget to avoid any unexpected interruptions.

Connect and participate with your favorite experiences

Support your favorite creators. Interact by sending messages, joining leaderboards, voting in polls, and more.

Bitcoin native options

Use mash on other sites, and experiences by paying invoices, scanning QR codes, and much more.

Get your wallet today!

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